Master Fic List!

Okay, I know there aren't a lot of fics but then still, I want to do this, okay!

Part of my new year resolution to be organized, hahaha.



` Matchmaker [PG-13]
Genre: Romance, Chick Flick; Pairing: Eunhyuk/Tiffany, side!Donghae/Jessica

` Marry You [PG-13]
Genre: Angst, Chick Flick; Pairing: Leeteuk/Taeyeon

` Mistake [PG-13]
Genre: Romance, Chick Flick; Pairing: Eunhyuk/Se-na

Shin Se Kyung related:
` The Biggest Set-up For Life [PG-13]
Genre: Angst, Pairing: broken!Jonghyun/Key

Sequel: The Rebel For Their Lives [PG-13]
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Pairing: Jonghyun/Key

` This is How It Should Be [PG-13]
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Crack; Pairing: broken!Jonghyun/Sekyung, eventual!Jonghyun/Key

` Happy Best Friends' Day [PG-13]
Genre: Angst; Pairing: Jonghyun/Sekyung, broken!Jonghyun/Key

` You Let it Happen [PG-13]
Genre: Slight Angst, Slight Fluff; Pairing: Jonghyun/Key

Drink Series
` Citron Tea (1/3) [G]
Genre: Crack, Fluff; Pairing: Jonghyun/Key, hinted!Minho/Taemin, hinted!onesided Onew/Key and Dongwoon/Key

` Banana Milk (2/3) [G]
Genre: Fluff, Pairing: Main!Minho/Taemin, side!Jonghyun/Key, hinted!Yonghwa/Seohyun

` Mineral Water (3/3) [G] (Ongoing)
Genre: Fluff, Pairing: Yonghwa/Seohyun, side!Minho/Taemin and Jonghyun/Key one-sided!Onew/Key

Gift Fics
` The Best Christmas [G]
Genre: Fluff; Pairing: Taemin/OC

` The Meet [G]
Genre: Crack; Pairing: Jonghyun/OC, Key/OC


` Her Diary, But It's All About You (8/?) [PG-15]
Genre: Fluff, Chick Flick, Angst;
Pairing: Main!Jonghyun/OC, Main!Jonghyun/Key, Main!Minho/Taemin, side pairings include: Onew/OC, Onew/Key, Cheondoong/OC, L.Joe/OC, Yonghwa/Seohyun
Cameos include: Lee Hongki, Im Yoona, Kim Hyun-ah, Eli Kim, Ha Min Woo, Kang Minhyuk, MBLAQ

Prologue: Their Meet
Chapter One: Their Confession
Chapter Two: His Realization
Chapter Three: It Gets Messy
Chapter Four: New Best Friend Made
Chapter Five: The Accident
Chapter Six: Understanding
Chapter Seven: Almost Did
Chapter Eight: Tabloids

` Kibum's List of No-No Girls (0/?) [PG-13]
Genre: Fluff, Crack, Chick Flick; Pairing: Kibum/OC

Prologue: His First List

` Nice Guys First! (Upcoming) [PG-13]
Genre: Fluff, Crack, Chick Flick;
Pairing: Main!Jonghyun/OC, Donghae/Jessica, Yonghwa/Seohyun, Minho/Yuri, Minhyuk/OC, onesided!Jonghyun/Jessica, onesided!Dongwoon/Seohyun, sibling!Donghae/Onew/Taemin, sibling!Heechul/Key/Hyun-ah, sibling!Siwon/Minho/OC, cousin!Jonghyun/Key, cousin!Onew/Minho

Help! Fic Prompts!

Hello everyone!

I'm currently planning to work on a JongKey AU series, which would include oneshots and chaptered fics, and am currently short of fic prompts! Please help me if you can by prompting!

This is a time x age based work, like if Jonghyun and Key met at Age _ and Age _ then what kinds of stories will come out from it. There are no limits to prompts, and it may be het!JongKey or JongKey or brothers!JongKey or bff!JongKey. Let your imagination run wild and help me with the suggestions! I need a background to how they met, the story need not start from there exactly. :D

Planning to write till Age 25, Age 24 JongKey, may become longer or something, but that will be a lot of things to write D: I currently have Age 0, Age 0; Age 1, Age 0 to Age 6, Age 5; Age 13, Age 12; Age 16, Age 15 (SHINee period). Help me fill up the gaps please? :D Like if they met at a later age or earlier age what could have happened etc etc. :D

Thank you so very much! :D /bellybutton bow

You Let it Happen.

Title: You Let it Happen
Genre: Slight Angst, Slight Fluff
Pairing: Jonghyun x Key
Rating: G
Word Count: 1190
Prompt: Quote
Disclaimer: ;__________________;. do I have to say more?
Summary: They are talking about different things, but they still understand each other anyway.

A/N: Was lurking around JongKey LJ when I saw someone ask for a fic about the call out to Jonghyun at a SHINee fanmeet where Key stood really faraway. I didn't bear to... Okay just read it before I spoil everything. About time I came back to the fic community with something too, since my last was Kibum's list of No-No Girls still stuck at Prologue and This Is How It Should Be for oneshot after Japan concert. SIGH. SCHOOL IS TAKING MY JONGKEY AWAY. Spots for those who wants and I'm opening requests for future spots!

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Kibum's List of No-No Girls [0/?]

Title: Kibum's List of No-No Girls (Temp. Title) [0/?]
Genre: Romance, Drama, Crack, Fluff
Rating: G to PG-13
Focus: Key Kim Kibum
Pairing: Kibum/OC(lesleyhongdodo :D)
Summary: Kibum is not too happy at the questions he receives for an interview.

A/N: This is again, a gift fic for my dear friend Lesley! Happy Birthday dear girl, and yeah this is the fan fic I promised you! I'll try to update as much as possible okay! Have a happy, happy birthday! (:

“Jjong, I am so tired of these ideal girl questions, ”Kibum nagged when they just got out of another interview that had an ignorant interviewer who hasn’t done any research on them before everything.


“That’s why, be like me and just always say those few names. Just pick one, you know, recognized and successful female in the industry. Or if you want some attention, like you usually do, try politicians!”


Jonghyun wasn’t making any sense as the words spilled out of his mouth. Kibum rolled his eyes and smacked a cap on top of his head and pushed him to lean back on the car’s seat. “Get some sleep, Jjong.”


It wasn’t more than five minutes later when Kibum started to hear Jonghyun’s faint snores. He laughed silently and the door opened to the other three members climbing in from another rundown meeting they rushed off to in the same building.


“Woah, hyung is sleeping already?” Minho climbed into the front seat, looking back at Jonghyun, sleeping soundly with his mouth moving, as though he was talking.


“Yeah, that interview killed our brain cells,” Kibum answered and Minho smirked knowingly.


“I need to take a nap too,” Taemin snuggled up beside Jonghyun and the older let his head fall on Taemin’s while the younger’s head lay snugly in between his jaw and shoulder. “I need to study for my finals when I get home.”


Kibum reached to pat Taemin’s knee as a way of saying good night and looked out of the window as the car started to drive off with Onew on the other side of him. Ideal girl, he mused.


At his age and current career situation, he has not ever thought anything about relationships yet. It’s not like he doesn’t want it, or gay like what a lot of people are speculating; it’s more like he didn’t know what to expect from a girl that he liked. He always believed that he would know if he likes the girl the first time he sees her.


The mental list of things he liked in girls wasn’t growing at all. He growled lowly, causing Onew to stir in his sleep beside him. Maybe I don’t know what kind of girls I like, but I most certainly know what kind of girl I don’t like, he thought. A smile spread across his face as he took out a piece of paper to scribble down his thoughts. “The things I don’t like about girls,” his title read.


“Number 1, taller than me,” Kibum murmured as he penned down his worst fear for his future girlfriend. Kibum wasn’t really tall for a guy, and he kind of disliked that. As a guy, he hope he can be taller and thereafter look more manly and more ability to protect his girl.


“Number 2, whiny bitch,” he chuckled as he penned down this point and put a star next to it, signifying Jonghyun. He once stated that if his future girlfriend were to be like Jonghyun, he would probably die from all the sensitivity and attention that he needs.


“Number 3, temperamental,” he jotted. As much as he was one himself, he hated girls doing that. “Hypocrite,” he mocked in a Minho-like tone.


The rest of his list was done in a fun and relaxed manner, where most of which he didn’t mean but just to get it down. He enjoyed doing it, and it did keep him occupied the whole ride back to the dorm.


“Time to sleep, and maybe I’ll dream of this ideal girl, haha,” Kibum laughed at himself before closing his eyes to drift into slumber.

A/N: I hope that wasn't too bad!



可能這不是 你說的自由


我以為 你會更了解我



可是這不是 你給的承諾

可是這不是  以前約定的以後


我困在 屬於回憶的枷鎖





少了一個 沒了什麼

是不是 也不差我



曾經你說過 怎樣都會陪我

曾經我說過 要陪你一起走

曾經有太多 所以現在我很失落

沒有了我 我怎麼能活



別人勸我 早一點看破

別人都說 事情會過

別人都說 因為他們不懂我經歷什麼








For Lesley, written on the night I talked to her about her problems. Cheer up girl, although this song may not do a lot to help you cheer up. Hmm, maybe that's something I should do, hahahaha. Will post again when I come up with a confirmed melody and actually go about recording it.

The Meet

Title: The Meet.
Genre: fangirl imagination(what kind of genre is this)
Focus: Jonghyun/OC, Key/OC
Rating: G
Summary: It is not an easy job waiting in the cold.

A/N: As you can see this is another gift fic. For? Two very cute girls now in Korea, going to see SHINee! :D Okay that line was grammatically incorrect :X But hope the girls like this, even though I don't exactly wish that it will happen like this fic, only getting to see them at the very last of their Korea Trip! Okay that's too much of the story, let's read! :D

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This Is How It Should Be.

Title: This Is How It Should Be.
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Crack (So freaking ironic LOL)
Pairings: broken!JongKyung, eventual!JongKey, hinted!2min
Rating: PG-13 for cursing
Warnings: temperamental!Jonghyun, bitch!Sekyung, too much fluff
Summary: This is how it should be.

A/N: This idea came about because of yesterday's hooha about the whole Japan concert thing, and I made Jonghyun a little more like a jerky as a punishment since he finger kiss that woman yesterday. :X For all the Blingers and Blinkies out there that are extremely disapproving about JongKyung. I hope it is not too messy!

Oh anyway it's really long because I just cannot stop writing. :X

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The Best Christmas.

Title: The Best Christmas
Author: eejhan /JH.han (SFI)
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Pairing: overworked!Taemin/OC (xueqing)
Summary: The probably most memorable two days in their lives.

A/N: You've probably guessed it, this is a gift fic! I seldom write OC fics unless upon request, and yes I'm saying that you can request for fics but it would subject to my time! :D Merry Christmas to shawols and this was for Xueqing in a shawol stayover as a secret santa gift. :D

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